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Bigg Boss 11 just got harder for the common man!


Bigg Boss 11 just got harder for the common man!

Bigg Boss 10 could be safely considered to be the most controversial seasons to date in the history of the reality show. Although the TRP’s of the show were not at all impressive, it certainly made headlines thanks to (now infamous) personalities like Om Swami who got involved in a literally nasty brawl with Rohan Mehra, which caused Salman Khan to enter the house and Priyanka Jagga, who went on to trash the show like nobody’s business after she was shown the door at the Bigg Boss house. On top of that, there were speculations that the voting system was also allegedly rigged.

The list doesn’t end here, the crew of Bigg Boss also managed to enrage Salman after he discovered that his home cooked food, which was STRICTLY for the contestants, went missing on its way to the house!

This year, everything is going to be the same for the Bigg Boss contestants as far as the registration and the normal in-house rules are concerned. But, there is one special clause that the channel has introduced that will leave a BIG hole in the pockets of the contestants if they, in any way, attempt to tarnish the reputation of the show once they have been escorted out of the house.

As per the clause, no non-celeb will be allowed to speak ill of the show, and, if they do, they will have to pay a hefty fine of Rs. 10 lacs from their earnings or the winning amount. Sounds pretty fair, doesn’t it?

But, what about the celebs? Shouldn’t this rule apply to them as well?

Bigg Boss 11 will commence within 3 months, which is quite early for the show. This is being touted as the reason as to why Salman won’t be hosting Dus Ka Dum.

Wonder who will the contestants be? Stick to this space to stay updated.

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