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Bigg Boss 11: Housemates make the biggest sacrifice to save their friends from nominations

Bigg Boss 11


Bigg Boss 11: Housemates make the biggest sacrifice to save their friends from nominations

Yesterday we saw one of the evilest nominations of Bigg Boss 11. Well, it all started with a phone call. The housemates would get a call and their task would be given to them. But there was a twist in the task as the contestants would be safe only when another contestant would do a task for them.

The first one to take the phone was Hina Khan. Hina would be saved from nominations only if Luv Tyagi got zero written on his forehead with the Mehendi. Hina convinced him and Luv did the task for her.

Luv Tyagi

The second one to enter the task was Akash Dadlani. Akash’s task was to convince Hiten Tejwani to tear the family photo that he got during Diwali with the help of a shredder. Hiten too agreed to do the task with a heavy heart.

Hiten Tejwani

The next one to take the call was Hiten and his task was to convince Priyank Sharma to go bald. A few weeks ago Hiten had nominated himself to save Priyank and it was Priyank’s turn to return the favour, and he agreed to go bald. Hina shaved his head off with the trimmer.

Priyank Sharma bald

After Hiten, Priyank went and he was given the task to convince Benafsha Soonawalla to get her nominated for two weeks excluding this week. Benafsha agrees and she gets directly nominated for straight three weeks.

In today’s episode, Vikas Gupta will destroy his favorite jacket to save Shilpa from nominations!

In the newly released promo, we even see that Hina in return to save Luv sacrifices her favorite soft toy. Akash Dadlani is also seen saying no to a contestant to do the task.

Let’s see who gets nominated this week.

Till then let us know in the comments below of who made the biggest sacrifice this season.

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