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Bigg Boss 11: Here’s proof that Puneesh Sharma is actually a CELEBRITY!

Bigg Boss


Bigg Boss 11: Here’s proof that Puneesh Sharma is actually a CELEBRITY!

Amidst all the controversies and fights that the eleventh season of Bigg Boss has come packaged with, there’s one more thing that we have got to observe in this season in particular: people are not what they claim to be.

Well, we are here to bring you another contestant who is actually not what we think of him to be, that is Bandgi Kalra’s friend in the mattress, Puneesh Sharma!

Well, we all thought that Puneesh might just be a common dude, but we are here to bring you some facts that prove that he actually lives life like a celebrity!

First, Sharma, A 33-year-old Delhite, is a civil engineer who also happens to have an M.Sc degree in International Business. Being a civil engineer, he’s associated with multiple development projects across the country and having a fancy business degree is also something Sharma has made use of by owning multiple business ventures.

Also, the man puts his money where his eyes are. He’s known to be an investor in multiple bars and nightclubs across Delhi.

He doesn’t believe in conservative spending. Sharma’s expenses are linked to the kind of money he earns. The phrase “work hard and party harder” is clearly his motto.

Oh, and yes. If you go stalk him on social media, you will find him posing with celebrities too.

After being an investor, he also owns a club and a café in Delhi.

Talking about properties, we cannot miss his Delhi farmhouse and his lavish 12-crore bungalow that he will go back to once Bigg Boss is done with.

Adding to his list of properties, he also is a proud owner of a swanky Mercedes Benz GLA Class and an Audi A4.

Adding to that, Sharma is also estimated to be worth around 10 million USD. We will let you guys take out your calculators to convert his worth to rupee.

Well, guess the conclusion is that he is pretty much sorted as a 33-year-old and is perhaps the richest man in the house at the moment.

And we thought of him as a common man.

Stick to this space for the latest in Bigg Boss!

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