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Bigg Boss 11: Benafsha’s boyfriend THREATENS Akash Dadlani!

Things really took a VERY UGLY turn in the Bigg Boss house when Akash Dadlani crossed the line of decency when we went on to make horrific comments on our beloved VJ Benafsha Soonawala. It clearly outraged many other contestants such as Priyank Sharma and Hina Khan, to name a few.

Now, in the light of all this, Benafsha’s boyfriend Varun Soon, who is naturally very pissed at what happened in the house, has gone ahead to give the Indian rapping sensation an open threat by saying, “I feel bad that Benafsha only pulled his hair. She should have slapped him, maybe kicked him. But what Akash is not realizing that Benafsha has so many people who love her outside. And they are very protective of her. So he should be careful and start thinking about the outside world because I am assuring him that it will be hell for him after he comes out. He won’t have a happy life after he comes out.”

On the topic of Priyank standing up for her, he said, “Every sane person would have reacted like Priyank did. And I am glad somebody stood up for her. Yes, she is a strong girl and can stand up for herself, but a statement like this is wrong and I think more people should have stood up for her. This was something that a lot of women go through in India. They go through eve teasing, so this something that should not be supported. And I feel that Salman should talk about this, and probably give Akash a piece of his mind,”

He concluded by saying, “I would have beaten him until he bled and said sorry to her. Even if it was some other girl, not only Benafsha, because I love her and everything, but because he said all of those things to a girl is wrong. And if people are calling this entertaining, then they have lost their mind. People who say Benafsha is not doing anything, I am glad, because if people find this entertaining, then I am happy that she is not entertaining.”

Well, frankly, we couldn’t agree more with Sood. Watch out, Akash!

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