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Bigg Boss 11: Angry Salman Khan WALKS OUT of the sets

This season of Bigg Boss has been filled with a lot of drama and fights. Salman Khan on every weekend ka vaar has been trying to resolve the fights between the contestants by either getting angry or trying to make them understand but looks like the housemates are in no mood to listen to the Dabangg Khan.

This time the contestants have gone to an extreme causing Salman walking straight out of the sets and the reason is none other than Akash Dadlani.

This week we saw friends turning enemies when Puneesh Sharma failed to make Akash Dadlani the captain of the house. Puneesh was supposed to vote out Hiten Tejwani from the captaincy task but took a lot of time due to which Hina Khan voted Akash out of the task. This led to a high voltage drama into the house created by Akash.

In the upcoming episode, Salman Khan will try making Akash and Puneesh friends again. He will ask them to come to the Sultani Akhada for a battle but instead, he will ask the two to hug each other and sort the difference.

Puneesh agrees to do so but Akash refuses. Despite Salman’s requests, Akash stays adamant on his stand infuriating him. Salman Khan then loses his cool and tell Akash that he has lost the game and walks out of the Akhada.

Well, it is not clear if Salman made it all the way to the main stage without Akash stopping him.

Well, we hope Akash Dadlani realizes his mistake.

Till then stay tuned for more Bigg Boss updates right here.

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