Bappi Da and Sonu Nigam lash out at ADHM!

Another day, another controversy about ADHM. That movie has some special kinda ju-ju spread all over it. This time around it’s regarding a particular dialogue regarding the legendary Mohd. Rafi. Anushka aka Alizeh in the movie says:

“Mohammad Rafi? Woh gaate kam rote zyada the na?”

As anyone would, singers Sonu Nigam and Bappi Lahiri were downright angry about it too. Sonu Nigam, who takes Mohd Rafi to be his idol, father figure and inspiration said –

“If you can listen to the same joke about your parents then we are wrong. If your blood boils that how can someone say something like this about my parents, then hum sahi hain.”

Bappi Lahiri also strongly believes that there is no singer in the contemporary era who can match-up to Mohd Rafi. He also criticized the dialogue writer and said that person had no knowledge of Mohammad Rafi or of music in general.

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