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Bahubali 2: Rana gets ripped



Bahubali 2: Rana gets ripped

Nobody can forget the menacing, ruthless and cruel King Bhallal Dev from Bahubali: The beginning! He created as much an impact as Bahubali himself. So everyone is excited about Rana’s look in Bahubali: The Conclusion. We got our hands on Rana’s first look and he sure looks ripped. As Rana said the look is going to be far meaner and powerful. He looks like he’s ready to crush anybody who comes in the way of his throne! Rana Daggubati aka Bhallal Dev, you sure look scary as hell!

rana daggubati

According to reports, the actor has been training since five months. He has been working for two and a half hours every day, shuttling between weight training and cardio. The actor has only five days of shoot left. Here’s how Rana’s look changed according to Bhallal Dev’s age, “The older Bhallal is stronger and beefy so I weighed around 108kg-110kg for those portions of both the films while his younger version is strong too but leaner, so I lost some weight for that. My weight has dropped to 92kg-93kg.” In fact the actor has learned martial arts before the first instalment began and he continued it with the second instalment. His diet has been high in carbs and proteins but without any oil. And the hard work pays off because Bhallal Dev is back and he looks meaner than ever!

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