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Arjun and Shraddha get candid in this interview


Arjun and Shraddha get candid in this interview

“We all have met a person jo dost se thodi zyada aur girlfriend se thodi kam hoti hai -I think that got me excited”- Arjun Kapoor on signing HalfGirlfriend

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Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor are all set to release their upcoming movie, Half Girlfriend. The film is based on Chetan Baghat’s novel titled the same. The film is directed by Mohit Suri and it’s the first time Arjun and Shraddha will be seen romancing on screen.

Shraddha and Arjun are extensively promoting their upcoming film. Read what the duo had to say about the movie and each other, in a recent interview.

What made you take up Half Girlfriend?
Arjun: The fact that it wasn’t a project. Mohit has worked so passionately on the material, and I loved the fact that he’s making a film and telling an emotional journey of these two characters. We all have met a person jo dost se thodi zyada aur girlfriend se thodi kam hoti hai — I think that got me excited. It has got all the trappings of being a quintessential Hindi film, but it has a new take on that in-between space for a young relationship and the journey that follows.

Did you say yes immediately after the narration?
Arjun: I read the script.
Shraddha: I am glad Mohit thought of me for Half Girlfriend because if he hadn’t, I would have been heartbroken.

When did you first meet?
Arjun: We have known each other since childhood. We met at birthday parties.
Shraddha: We’ve been in touch even after that.
Arjun: I’ve known her brother (Siddhanth Kapoor) for years.

What were your first impressions about each other?
Shraddha: We know each other since childhood. No first impression.
Arjun: We were in fact glad that we could come together and work in a film where we don’t have to play up the fact that we know each other or use some kind of chemistry from our personal lives. The character allowed us to be in a certain way. There’s always been a comfort between us. This film has allowed us to concentrate and focus on our characters –Na zyada dosti hai aur na anjaan hai, we were ‘half-way’ there.

Talking about the term ‘Half-Girlfriend’, do you think the concept exists? How open are you to it?
Shraddha: To quote my director and I personally agree – this relationship was always there, it’s just that we are doing a movie on this terminology now.
Arjun: We have given this relationship a name. When you are emotionally attached to someone, but haven’t gone to the extent of committing because of certain circumstances, you call him/her a Half-boyfriend or a Half-girlfriend.

The movie is scheduled to release on the 19th of May this year and we can’t wait to watch Arjun and Shraddha make magic on the silver screen.

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