Amyra Dastur


Amyra Dastur struts her beach ready bikini bod in Ibiza!

Ibiza is one of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever been to! It’s your go-to beach and party destination! I spent 5 days in the island town in the Mediterranean, 2 nights on the North side and 3 on the South side. My best friend and I have always wanted to travel together, and funnily enough, we heard Mike Posner’s “I took a pill in Ibiza” together, which made us want to plan a trip there to go see what the hype was all about! And so we did!

The most amazing place we went to was the Hippy Market Punta Arabi. We ended up spending half our day there, picking up cool trinkets and clothes, while watching some amazing performances by live bands. The clubbing scene in Ibiza is unreal and absolutely brilliant. We booked our entries online on a site that shows you the best parties happening on particular dates. My personal favourite was the ‘Kygo’ concert in Ushuaia on our last night in Ibiza. He played his set for 2 and a half hour straight and my friend and I couldn’t help but dance in the paddling pool in the center of the open roof club. There is another island off the coast of Ibiza called Formentera. We cycled from the ferry drop off point for an hour to hangout at the most breathtakingly beautiful beaches with the bluest and clearest waters I have ever seen.

My favourite experience of the trip (and to this day) would be the day we went ‘Cliff Diving’. We drove off to the other side of the island of Ibiza to meet the cliff divers and begin our climb to the top of the cliff. I managed to jump off the cliff at a height of 15 metres, above sea level! It was the most exhilarating and horrifying experience ever!

There is an amazing energy to Ibiza. There’s so much to do there, it’s so full of life and you end up meeting and interacting with a lot of people from all over the world. The different cultures that you are introduced to, the different lifestyles, it’s truly eye-opening!

I promised myself when I was 15 years old, that when I felt close to a place or felt attached to it in some way, I would get a tattoo. I’ve traveled a lot and I finally decided to get one in Ibiza itself. It is one place I will be visiting again very soon because be it the adventurous terrain, the beaches, the clubs & bars or even the shopping, I felt most alive over there and that’s a feeling I have managed to hold onto even today!

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