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Amaal Mallik calls Sonakshi Sinha’s brother an uncouth idiot!


Amaal Mallik calls Sonakshi Sinha’s brother an uncouth idiot!

The actor vs singer debate is the hottest topic in B-Town, and it all started with a tweet by a news portal that Sonakshi Sinha will be performing in the opening act of Justin Bieber’s first ever concert in India. This is a topic which escalated quickly and became an online brawl between Armaan Malik and Sonakshi Sinha, where even brother Amaal Mallik faced some collateral damage. Although Sonakshi Sinha published a formal statement which gave us all the clarity on that matter, the people in the debate could still feel the burns.

Amaal Mallik is known to be a personality who is quite vocal about his opinion, and history bears testimony to it. Just a few hours ago, Amaal took to Facebook where put up his side of the story.

Here’s what he had to say:

Seems like some statements from here are going to pinch Sonakshi Sinha real bad. It would be interesting to know what she has to say!

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