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Amaal Mallik and Sonu Nigam wage a Facebook WAR!

Ever wondered what goes into the making of a song that you find yourself almost involuntarily hum or sing along? Ever wondered what kind of work goes into creating the beats, the tempo and thousands of tiny fragments that come together for your listening pleasure that only last a few minutes?

Well, let composer extraordinaire Amaal Mallik give you all a little bit of a perspective, as he has, once again, graciously spoken his mind out on his Facebook page as he expressed his absolute agreement with a fellow industry mate on the pay disparity that has existed in the music industry, which is a relatively less talked-about subject as compared to the grander topics of gender pay equality or pay inequality matters that pertain to the Film and Television industry.

Take a look at this thoroughly insightful post by ever vocal composer which, if read carefully, can give you quite an insight into how various elements come together for our audio entertainment. This will also enlighten you about the fact that a song, just like any product out there, is the final result of hundreds, if not thousands, of hours’ worth of team effort!

Check out this post by Amaal right here:

To which, his industry mate, Sonu Nigam, while taking Amaal’s appeal in a wrong spirit, replied (or more aptly, hit back) at Malik by posting the following:

To which, Mallik had to look back to his choice of words and brought out his point in a way that we believe was more cohesive.

Check it out right here:

We do agree with the point that Mallik is making here, and we think we do where Mr. Nigam here is coming from. Guess in a bid to appeal for equality anywhere, a couple of statements or two can sound demeaning, even though the motif behind the same are noble.

What’s your take on this? Let us know!

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