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Alka Yagnik once threw Aamir Khan out of her room?


Alka Yagnik once threw Aamir Khan out of her room?

Aamir Khan has been branded as Mr. Perfectionist for a reason. Everyone who has ever worked with him can swear by the fact that he has always been there to watch and observe anything that is developing with regards to his film during the making process. Be it recoding or dubbing of a movie, if Aamir Khan is in it, you will feel hi presence everywhere.

But, did you know, just because Aamir Khan is such a perfection fanatic, he was ousted out of a recording studio by Alka Yagnik in his early days?

Reliving that day, which turned out to be one of the most embarrassing situations of her live ever, Alka Yagnik said during shooting for a TV Show My Life My Story “ I was recording Gazab Ka Hai Din for Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. I noticed this handsome looking young guy sitting quietly in the singing room. Initially, I ignored and carried on with my rehearsals but when the recording started, I was feeling uncomfortable. When you are singing and someone is staring at you blankly, it is kind of a disturbance. So I asked him to leave. After we finished the recording, Mansoor took me to meet the lead actors of the film. And I was introduced to the same guy who was none other than Aamir Khan. I was really embarrassed. And from that day to now, whenever we meet, he keeps reminding me that I threw him out the room and we have a good laugh on the same.”

Long story short, Aamir Khan was being the ardent observer that he is, for which he was shown the door by the singer.

She also added that what happened that day built a strong bond between her and the superstar.

You can catch this episode on Zee Classic on the 8th of April

Awkward incidents do build strong friendships, don’t they?

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