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Alia Bhatt talks about Nepotism in Bollywood


Alia Bhatt talks about Nepotism in Bollywood

Was Alia Bhatt’s view on nepotism in Bollywood a dig at Kangana Ranaut’s comment on Koffee With Karan?

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Alia Bhatt is one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood today. The actress has delivered hit after hit to the industry. And if there is one person who swears by her talent, it is none other than Karan Johar. The filmmaker is being accused of constantly favoring her over other heroines and putting in a word for Alia to other filmmakers too.

Recently, Kangana Ranaut graced ‘Koffee with Karan’ as a guest and accused Karan of nepotism. Recently at an event, Alia spoke about the same and said, “I think a star kid can get that first film due to nepotism. But to constantly get films just because you belong to a filmi family, is not possible. I don’t want to take any names, but there have been many examples of sons and daughters of lineage who have come and gone without achieving anything. What about that? Eventually, people come to see you as an actor and not because your family is famous, and you can’t fool them.”

She further spoke about her journey and said, “I am aware people do struggle to make a mark in the industry, but it’s not right to blame nepotism. I didn’t plan my birth in the Bhatt family. I can’t change that and today, I am successful not just because my family is famous, but also because I have worked hard and you can’t take it away from me.”

Alia has made her point and HOW!

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