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Shocking! Aditya Chopra’s honest revelations about SRK!


Shocking! Aditya Chopra’s honest revelations about SRK!

We all know the close friendship SRK shares with Aditya Chopra and the number of films he has worked in under the Yash Raj banner. In fact, many of the films for which Shah Rukh Khan has become Shah Rukh Khan today, belong to the banner. However, the relationship did not begin this way. Neither Aditya Chopra  nor his father, late filmmaker Yash Chopra liked SRK, when they first saw him! Even though this might be a bit difficult to believe but this is the truth.

‘SRK 25 Years of A Life’ a book co-authored by writer/filmmaker Samar Khan and Sonali Kokra, which will be launched today contains many such shocking, exciting, interesting and unknown facts about the superstar! (And we can’t wait to go through it!) In the book, Aditya Chopra has shared that while selecting an actor for ‘Darr’ both he and his father rejected SRK initially. The filmmaker has explained, “Just like the character of Raj, my relationship with Shah Rukh has also evolved over the last two decades. When we cast him for ‘Darr,’ to be honest, neither dad, nor I really liked him. He was working on Rakesh Roshan’s ‘King Uncle’ then and we had managed to get our hands on the reel of some footage. Neither of us were very impressed but somehow, maybe because everyone kept rejecting the negative part, we ended up signing him.”


While giving an honest opinion about his friend, the ‘Befikre’ director has also expressed that he finds Shah Rukh Khan’s smile to be fake! He has said, “Over the years, as a producer, a director and a friend, I have seen Shah Rukh perform multiple characters and portray all kinds of emotions. But I’ve always felt, and still feel that Shah Rukh doesn’t laugh whole-heartedly. His laughter never reaches his eyes. Somehow, it’s always a bit hollow, a bit fake. I think that maybe that has something to do with the fact that he lost his parents very early in life. I don’t think he ever got over that loss.”


Even though Aditya has criticized SRK for his ‘fake smile’, he was all praise while giving an opinion on the latter’s acting skills. He said, “I think he is the best actor in the whole world and that we’ve seen only 10 per cent of his talent. That 90 per cent is still to come and blow us away… As a filmmaker and a friend, I hope that soon, he is offered roles that tap into the remaining 90 per cent. l hope I can give him roles that tell the world, You’ve seen Shah Rukh the superstar, now see Shah Rukh the actor!”

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