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Aamir finally attends an award function thanks to Lata Mangeshkar!


Aamir finally attends an award function thanks to Lata Mangeshkar!

Everyone was wondering why Aamir Khan had suddenly decided to attend an award function, we’ve now learned the reason for this exception.

The reason is the legendary Lata Mangeshkar. Aamir Khan was being awarded at Dinanath Mangeshkar Awards, which happens to be an event commemorated on the 24th of April, the death anniversary of Lata Mangeshkar’s father.

Lata Mangeshkar commented on this by saying, “I know he doesn’t collect awards. But he has made an exception for us. Aamir is indeed one of my favourite actors. Though we don’t meet any more I know there is enormous mutual respect between us. I’ve known him from the time he was a child. I’ve seen him at his home playing and jumping around at his home when I visited his father (filmmaker Tahir Husain). He has always showered immense affection on me. I remember when he made Lagaan he insisted I sing the bhajan ‘O Paalan Hare’. I love his focus and dedication to his work and most of all, I love his films. Taare Zameen Par is one of my favourite films featuring a contemporary actor. It is rare to come across an artist with such a conscientious body of work. I remember once he told me that he would take a whole year off from acting to produce films and I had objected. We love seeing Aamir on screen. My siblings Meena, Asha, Usha and Hridaynath, and I are honoured to give the award named after my father to Aamir.”

Aamir really admires Lata didi and this simply proves it

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