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5 reasons why Daas Dev is the best interpretation of Devdas!

Daas Dev


5 reasons why Daas Dev is the best interpretation of Devdas!

From Devdas to Dev D, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel Devdas has been recreated a number of times using a similar plotline and characters of that of Dev, Paro and Chandramukhi.

The stories have always portrayed the stereotypical version of a heartbroken man who turns to alcohol and drugs to drown his sorrows and typecast women into regressive beings destined to suffer the sting.

On the contrary, Sudhir Mishra brings to you the most refined version of the epic saga depicting the modern day tale of Daas turning into Dev with his upcoming release Daas Dev.

1. Dev, battling all possible odds stands tall and projects a robust avatar, unlike all the previous versions. He is no longer fragile and indecisive. His journey from Daas to Dev will compel you to believe what a masterpiece Sudhir Mishra has created

2.  Paro is no longer caged to the same old agony and sufferings. Instead, she is more progressive and her ferocity throughout the film is noteworthy. She is faithful and devoted but her love and emotions are not overruling her heart this time.

3. Chandramukhi has always been the other woman in whom Dev finds some semblance of solace.  This time she holds a profound persona and will certainly be seen as an epitome of empowerment.

4. Sudhir Mishra has reversed the story, making it one of the most powerful versions of the iconic novel Devdas. Adding a dose of Shakespeare to the story it will take you through the highs and lows of the three strong characters.

5. Staying clear of the cliché love story, Daas Dev is set against a political landscape and features a strong narrative like never before. The extra dose of jealousy, hatred, law and disorder makes for a strong reason to watch this film

So if you are confused if you should watch Daas Dev this weekend? These reasons would help you make your decision.

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