Nargis Fakhri: I have been limited by Bollywood

Nargis Fakhri is currently busy promoting her next, ‘Banjo’ along with co-star Ritesh Deshmukh. The actress, who is known to give out controversial statements, gave an interesting insight into her life and career  in an interview with a popular daily.

On being asked about her sudden exit from India a few months back during the peak of her film promotions, the beautiful actress said, “I really love ‘Banjo’. I think when you like something and work hard on it, you want to do your best. When people are good to you, be good to them and so, I came back.” During her absence, there were a lot of rumours about her ill health, about this, she stated, “People just issue whatever they want. And people make up whatever they want. And all online publications carry the made up stuff. I am always laughing at this and I’m so confused about the `news’ here.” Prodded further, on her nature of illness and Nargis said, “It’s not anyone’s business to know. When you are sick, you are sick. Period.”

News has been doing the rounds that Nargis is wanting to make a career switch. But is that because this profession has limited her to do certain kind of roles? “I have been limited by Bollywood because I am not fluent in Hindi. They can’t cast me as a village girl. That would take a lot of training. Without knowing the language, it’s difficult to become the best. In acting, it’s action and reaction. Hindi is not my language. It will always be a struggle. If I ever have a chance to get a role to get out of that pigeonhole that they’ve put me into, I’d get a trainer and work hard on it. Hindi is tough for me. I have to think of my words and sentences before speaking, which delays natural reaction. So, I am okay with people bracketing me. But my bills are paid, girl!,” she  added.

Had Nargis had more friends here, would she have stayed on for good in Bollywood? “I don’t think so. This is not the place I will stay forever. Also, my mum’s in the US,” shared the actress.

On her Hollywood plans, the American born actress shared, “Sure, I’d like to try but only up to a point. I have been blessed to have made it this far here with no skills, no knowledge, no family, no friends and without sacrificing my values and morals. On my own, I wouldn’t ever have come here to try . I’d have chosen another career. And I’d do that even now whenever I move back home because there’s no need to pigeonhole your career in a cramped space. Don’t be surprised if you find me doing some charity work in another country . It’ll be far more satisfying.”

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