Indo-American Model Kalham Amor Releases Kama Sutra Inspired Photobook

With tanned skin, petite size, and all-natural slim frame Kalham Amor is the exact opposite of what your average Indian model or actress looks like—and that’s exactly why she’s one of hottest Indian models in America.

We’ve all had our fair share of Indian models and actresses that stir up controversy, but Kalham Amor put her own spin on the controversy by teaming up with photographer Sean Pozin to create a nude photo book titled Kalham Sutra.

While its title bears resemblance to Kama Sutra, the ancient book of sex, the photographs in Kalham Sutra have nothing to do with sex but everything to do with sexy! The photographs in Kalham Sutra draw heavily on inspiration from Indian Goddess art and emerging Indian themes with fine art.

Kalham Amor is a 22-year-old model of Indian descent from Texas that has appeared on many magazine covers and spreads. Kalham describes herself as an egalitarian and lists wanting to make other people realise that people are not defined by what they wear as one of the many messages she wants to convey in her work.

With her bold style, outspoken statements, and unique, natural beauty, Kalham Amor is a rising star that is sure to rise to stardom and revolutionise the industry for Indian women everywhere.

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