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Emraan Hashmi : I have learned not to take my work for granted


Emraan Hashmi : I have learned not to take my work for granted

Bollywood’s serial kisser Emraan Hashmi was at his candid best while promoting his upcoming film, ‘Raaz Reboot’.

On being asked, about his special connection with the Raaz franchise, Emraan said, “I have loved this horror franchise for a long time now. I had taken my first baby steps in the industry as an assistant director with the first Raaz. Then later I started with my acting and slowly we as a team proved horror as a successful genre. So yes I do have a monopoly over the franchise but it’s just not me. Even Vikram Bhatt owns it since he is only director who attempts making such horror movies in the industry. So I personally love this genre which makes me do such movies time and again.”

Commenting on his success with franchises like Murder, Jannat and Raaz, Emraan explained, “When we made these movies, we never really knew if we will make sequels in future. But the experience working on it was so good that made us think of new stories and offer our viewers with some new plot. Secondly, I accept my journey with franchises has been quite long but touchwood all the movies have done well.”

On being asked about his special connection with the Bhatt’s, Emraan explained that, “Bhatt camp has their own way of functioning. Over here you have a lot of work by the way. There is more hard work in this camp than anywhere else. You rarely get off’s. But the hard work that you put in also pays you back hugely. Over here the budget is restricted but the movies make good profits. Not that other companies aren’t strict but they are slightly more on a splurge side. Every production house has it’s own style of working so you really can’t compare as such.”

Emraan also spoke about the best advice his uncle Mahesh Bhatt had given him saying, “He told me in the beginning itself that no one is doing a favour on anyone here. You are an actor but if you don’t have a following or your movies don’t do well then unfortunately we can’t work ahead. This was the most harsh reality that was shown to me in the beginning itself. It was he who made me realise you can’t take your work for granted.”

When Emraan was asked about how Raaz Reboot was different from other horror movies his reply was, “You should ask how different Raaz Reboot is from other Raaz because there aren’t too many horror movies in our country.  The reason we call this a Reboot is firstly we are taking it out of India to Romania. Secondly the way it has been handled is different. I can bet that even if you know what the Raaz is in the film, you won’t be able to predict how will it sum up. There are lot of dynamics that play in the movie which will keep you guessing constantly.”

Emraan was finally asked whether he was disheartened by the failure of Azhar and his reply was,  “No, I don’t really get disheartened. Sometimes a movie works and sometimes it doesn’t.  Erotic cinema wasn’t a part of our culture till a Murder like movie came up. So just because a particular movie did not work, it will not stop me from attempting the genre again.”


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