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Designs from Rohit Verma’s Graveyard collection you cannot miss!


Designs from Rohit Verma’s Graveyard collection you cannot miss!

Rohit Verma’s new collection will blow your mind!

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Rohit K Verma,  an artistic contemporary designer whose enthusiasm for fashion design stems from the tender age of 12. As a teen, he was fascinated with couture, an ideal that motivated him to design handwoven garments for his mother and sister. There was no looking back since! His unique design aesthetic won him ‘Youngest Achiever’ In Asian Achievers Awards and ‘Rashtriya Shakti Awards’

“For India Luxury Style Week my collection is very different. The mood board is completely black and I am presenting a graveyard so the collection is very Gothic. It’s unique with exciting cuts, lots of chains and I’ve played with lots of fabrics — nearly seven-eight fabrics like velvet, suiting materials, Lycra, Jersey, denim and rugged fabrics, together. It’s for the man who is experimental and the entire collection is based on the power of a soul even though I have named it ‘Graveyard’. This is my second season with India Luxury Style Week and I’m very excited to be a part of this show. And, of course, I love to get so much love from Bengaluru, so I always get excited to be a part of this show. I will give my best shot and I will only expect their love says Rohit K Verma about his collection at India Luxury Style Week. 
”Designing reflects my personality because I always create clothes according to the season and my mood; whatever comes in my mind I create it and I believe in unique cuts and different silhouettes. As a designer, I have never struggled between creativity and wearability for the catwalk. I always keep wearability in my mind. My clothes are very different. I create garments for men who pull off a bold style, who make a statement” said Rohit Verma. 

Check out his Graveyard Collection right here:

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