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YRF’s Mindless Take on Nepotism


YRF’s Mindless Take on Nepotism

It all started from that harmless (or so they thought) episode of Koffee with Karan where the feisty Kangana Ranaut called out Karan Johar for being the flag bearer of nepotism. The producers assumed they would pass it off as a usual episode consisting of some catty remarks that would trend on Twitter for a few hours and die out.

What they didn’t expect was it to open a can of worms and spark debates all over social media and television. Despite the huge outcry, a few celebrities chose to stand by their so called lineage and defended their fathers for their effortless entry into Bollywood.

These actors are the ones who had roles custom made for them, unlike the aspirants who struggle for years and are pushed from audition to audition in search for roles that they train to mould themselves into. One of these fortunate star kids happens to be Aadar Jain, Raj Kapoor’s grandson and the cousin of Ranbir Kapoor. He was recently introduced by Yash Raj Films as their “new boy” through a series of tweets about his lineage.

What was meant to be a way to show that the newbie still seeks to earn a name for himself, the irony isn’t lost in the fact that he hails from one of the oldest families associated with Bollywood. Twitter India didn’t take long to suit up and roast both Aadar and Yash Raj Films for the half-assed attempt at trying to appear neutral in this whole situation.

While YRF was scalded for supporting the ugly tradition, Aadar was critiqued for indirectly repeating the sentiments of other bratty starkids who spoke in favour of nepotism previously.

As this ball game of nepotism goes on, we can only look on and hope to not have bad movies made by talent-less star kids thrown our way. Emphasis on “hope”.

Cover photo credit: YRF (Twitter)
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