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#VirushkaKiShaadi: THESE brands made really ROFL congratulatory ads!

Anushka Sharma


#VirushkaKiShaadi: THESE brands made really ROFL congratulatory ads!

The whole of India is currently celebrating the long-awaited marriage of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. The who’s who of B-Town and the Cricket world has been congratulating the newly-wed pair health and happiness for the rest of their lives.

However, their congratulatory wishes are NOTHING compared to these commercials made by a total of 8 brands that we know of that will make you fall down laughing!

Check out these ads right here:

First up is Durex. Now, THAT’S WHAT genius looks like!

Then, the classic Amul. On point, as always!

Next up in Fewi Kwik. Boy, this one is going to stick with us for a long time. (pun intended)

Then it’s big brother, Fevicol. The two chairs alongside each other depicts their REALLY STRONG bond!

Talking about simple and sweet ads, this one by Baskin Robbins will instantly give you diabetes!

Then there’s the groom’s supposedly favorite brand, WROGN. Simple. Check. Trendy. Check.

Then, of course, there had to be Manyawar. It was almost like in the latest commercial together, they just publicly took the nuptial vows.

Last but definitely not the least, there’s this ad by OVJ Jewellers. “A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words is clearly their Mantra)

Which one was your favorite? Let us know!

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