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Top 5 Gary Oldman Movie Performances!


Top 5 Gary Oldman Movie Performances!

Gary Oldman is by far one of the most versatile actors in this day and age. He has always experimented with his roles. Today we tell you his Top 5 films which one should not miss out on.

1. Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy

For this role, Gary Oldman earned his only Oscar Nomination. To get the look right he himself chose the correct spectacles, gained weight and all we can say is hard work always pays off!

2. Air Force One

Yes, he played the bad guy in this movie but he played the role with such confidence. He played the role of Ivan Korshunov who hijacks the plane of the American President with his team.

3. Dracula

This is the reason why he is known as a versatile actor. His role as Dracula was praised a lot and that was the only saving grace in the movie. Just watch this movie for Oldman, this was Keanu Reeves’s most embarrassing roles ever.

4. Sid and Nancy

This till date has to be Oldman’s most raw and high voltage performances all time. To prepare for the role of Sid Vicious (Bass Guitarist Of Sex Pistols) he starved himself to the point of collapse he also wore the necklace that once belonged to Sid himself.

5. Batman Trilogy (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises)

The guy who has portrayed the bad guy in so many films would now be playing one of the good guys, What an Irony! He played the role of Commissioner Gordon with ease.

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