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Salman Khan, SRK & Aamir earn THIS MUCH through movies!


Salman Khan, SRK & Aamir earn THIS MUCH through movies!

The film business is, at the end of the day, a business. A lot of money gets circulated in various processes of bringing a film to life, and, provided that the finished product is made right and is liked by the audience, it could be safely said that the sky is the limit for any film with strong content and a perfect release/marketing plan.

But, it goes without saying is that as much as other processes are important in bringing a film together, which actor/actress you have on board also matters a lot and it could be also safely said that the people who have been cast to bring a story to life can make or break a film. Given that quite a few stars have the ability to help a film catapult to unbelievable heights of success, be it through their performance or their fan following, they tend to charge a pretty hefty amount in exchange of their shooting dates.

And now, it’s time to look at what the people who can safely be considered to be at the top of the Bollywood food chain take back home on an average per project.

  • Salman Khan – 50 crores + producer’s share from SKF’s production ventures. And now, given that starting from Race 3, he has turned into a distributor as well, he can now make a truckload of moolah from a successful film.

Salman Khan

  • Aamir Khan – Although Aamir says that he usually works on a profit-sharing basis and more often than not, he is producing his own films, reports online suggest that sometimes, he takes back home as much as Bhai (Which is somewhere around 45-50 crores) should he work on a film that is not being produced by him.

Aamir Khan

  • Shah Rukh Khan – Online reports claim that having King Khan on board usually sets back the makers of a film by at least 40-45 crores, in addition to, of course, his producers’ share.

Shah Rukh Khan

  • Hrithik Roshan – If you want the Kaabil star on board, be prepared to shell out as much as you’d give King Khan to sign on the dotted lines. Additionally, he will end up making more out of a film should he choose to produce it as well.

Hrithik Roshan

The Khiladi of Bollywood is, goes without saying, in the same league as the guys above. It is reported that the man also takes home a humongous amount of anywhere between 45-50 crores and can more often than not, be the producer of the film a well.

Akshay Kumar

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