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From Hera Pheri to OMG, a look at Paresh Rawal’s best roles yet

Paresh Rawal


From Hera Pheri to OMG, a look at Paresh Rawal’s best roles yet

Paresh Rawal, who turns 68 today, discovered the thirst inside him to be on the stage and celluloid at the age of 15. It took two more decades for him to fulfill his dream of acting in films, and finally the dream came true in Rahul Rawail’s Arjun, the 1985 blockbuster starring Sunny Deol. However, it was Mahesh Bhatt’s Naam that made his name in the industry.

As the actor-turned-politician is all set to celebrate his birthday today, let’s revisit his five most memorable films:-

1. Naam (1986)

Every actor desires and yearns for recognition through his characters, Rana was that one character for Paresh Rawal that cemented his position in the industry as the actor to depend on and look forward to. His nonchalant yet dangerous way of claiming how the world of crime is a one-way street still remains one of the most memorable scenes in the actor’s career.

2. Andaz Apna Apna (1994)

Possibly one of the most loved and popular double roles in cinema history, Paresh Rawal perfectly picked up the nuances of both Ram Gopal Bajaj and Shyam Gopal Bajaj aka Teja. If one made you laugh uncontrollably with his inane antics, the other tickled your funny bone with his adherence to protocol and extreme strictness. A classic that cannot be missed!

3. Hera Pheri (2000)

Come to think of it, Baburao Ganpatrao Apte, although the owner of Star Garage in Borivali, is buried under the responsibility of paying off his late father’s debts, has a paying guest who doesn’t pay his rent, is addicted to alcohol and even gets the police behind him due to a wrong number. Such scenarios in real life would make anyone’s life a living hell. But Priyadarshan’s genius and Rawal’s hilarious portrayal made Babu Bhaiyaa one of the funniest and most iconic characters of all time.

4. Welcome (2007)

What happened in Hera Pheri happened in Welcome as well. Rawal’s character, Dr. Ghungroo, was stuck with the underworld and was terribly afraid throughout the film. But again, his acting prowess turned this serious and dangerous situation into a hilarious film and Welcome became a cult comedy, and still is!

5. OMG- Oh My God! (2012)

Paresh Rawal explored a tricky territory with OMG– Religion. He wasn’t an atheist but questioned the act of god and why would it want to harm its devotees. An eye-opening satire on how religion can divide people and blind faith is as addictive as opium, the actor’s character, Kanji Mehta became an instant hit among the audiences, thanks to the manner in which he blended such a sensitive and provocative subject with ample doses of humor.

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