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Fanney Khan: Celebrities that stood against body shaming

Fanney Khan


Fanney Khan: Celebrities that stood against body shaming

While the upcoming musical entertainer Fanney Khan starring Anil Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and Rajkummar Rao focuses on a father’s dream to make his daughter a singing sensation, the film also touches on one of the most common social evils, body shaming.
Debutante actress Pihu Sand who plays Anil Kapoor and Divya Dutta’s daughter, Lata, in the upcoming musical drama, Fanney Khan, had revealed that she added 20 not-needed kg to tip the scales at 98 kg, the heaviest she’s ever been, for the film.
The actress had also revealed that she idolizes Bhumi Pednekar whose debut venture too required gaining weight for the role.
Ahead of the release of Fanney Khan, here’s a look at real-life women who took a stand against body shaming and emerged victorious.
Bhumi Pednekar:
Actress Bhumi Pednekar broke major stereotypes as she made her debut as the overweight bride. The actress has time and again stood stall against all the criticism and shaming that followed after her debut. Bhumi had earlier said, “I think all the criticism came right after my first film. I just stood there but made sure none of the negativity stays back. The fact that I played the role clearly states how I feel about body shaming”.
Bharti Singh:
Celebrated comedian Bharti Singh who is known for her stage name Lalli has received flak for her weight ever since she stepped in the industry. The comic artist, however, has never let that stop her and has shut her trolls with her success.
Vidya Balan:
The actress who made a huge impact on the entire industry with her bold move with The Dirty Picture had received major backlash for her body image and thereby trolled for being on the heavier side. But Vidya Balan never let that affect her work and kept answering her trolls with her amazing work. The actress has earlier shared, “Wherever you go, I think people are very body-obsessed today. ‘Moti’ is not an expletive for me. But I don’t like it when people comment on my body. Because if I talk about your brain… Brains don’t sell, that’s why we don’t talk about it. We have no right to comment on anyone’s appearance. This has happened many times with me. When they see me happy, they are confused. As women, when you are successful, this is a way to drag you down. And I don’t give anyone that power.”
Mallika Dua:
Indian comic artist Mallika Dua is known to shut her haters and taking a stand against body shaming. Mallika had released a special music video giving a perfect reply to trolls. The comedian was quoted saying, “It is easy, ‘nah’ fashionable, to sit behind an anonymous screen, and post lewd comments online. Bravado? Well! Yes, if you see how some of the trollers gloat when they make personal and derogatory remarks against you; for body shaming you.”
Supriya Joshi:
AIB’s comedian Supriya Joshi created an uproar on social media after a meme taking her with other few celebrities went viral. Her befitting reply to body shamers won the hearts of the netizens hailing her for her epic response. The artist who owned up to her body taught a lesson to the trolls in a series of tweets. Supriya said, “It has taken me a lifetime to love my body, and I will not let the small-mindedness of a few misguided people take that away from me.”
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