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Bigg Boss: 10 unknown facts only die-hard fans would know!

Bigg Boss


Bigg Boss: 10 unknown facts only die-hard fans would know!

Bigg Boss season is in full swing and is the talk of the town and news tabloids the world over. It’s time that fans begin choosing their favourite contestants and laugh and cry with them. But, beyond the fights, brawls and all that goes on in the house, we bring you 10 such facts that you would only know if you were a die-hard fan.

The house is haunted!

For those who didn’t know, yes! Although the Bigg Boss house looks all good and safe on the surface, many contestants have claimed that they have seen the shadow of a woman doing rounds in the house.

Bigg Boss

Located in the middle of nowhere in Lonavla!

For obvious reasons, the secrets of the locations of the house have been kept safe. That’s why, even if you take a stroll in Lonavla, there are very few chances that you will even come close to the Bigg Boss house, which is said to be heavily guarded.

Bigg Boss

Jade Goody:

The trend of bringing in International contestants into the Bigg Boss house started in 2008 with Jade Goody. But unfortunately, she had to leave the show within a few days because of cancer, which took her life in 2009.

Bigg Boss

No wildcard entry turned out to be a winner!

Well, this is more of a statistic. But it’s clearly worth a mention. Although over time, fans have seen their beloved contestants come back, they have never seen them win. Will this trend hold true this season as well?

Bigg Boss

Contestants cleaning the house is just an act!

Often, we see the contestants take their own load by cleaning the house themselves. But, hardly anyone knew that it was just for the screen. The Bigg Boss crew does include a house cleaning department as well to clean what the contestants won’t.

Bigg Boss

Sleeping during the day.

Sleeping during the day in the Bigg Boss house is strictly prohibited. But, it’s not like one can’t at all. Turns out, there are some beds in the house which have no cameras around them. Smart people!

Bigg Boss

The youngest winner was just 27 years old!

Gautam Gulati holds the record of the youngest contestant to go home with the Bigg Boss winners’ trophy. Gautam was a fan favorite back in season 8.  He was 27 at the time.

Bigg Boss


Couples often tend to get more intimate than what we see on camera. But, given that it’s a family show, the editors tend to go snip-snip on them.

Bigg Boss

Pamela Andersons’ super-high fees for 3 days!

One of the fondest memories that Bigg Boss fans have of the house was that of Pamela Anderson entering it a few years ago. She single-handedly managed to change the environment and how! But that came at a price of a whopping 2.5 crores for just 3 days. Ouch!

Bigg Boss

Want to booze in the house? Have a juice pack!

Although Alcohol is also one of the things that are a no-no on the show, celebs do tend to reportedly get them smuggled in through juice packs. And that’s why you don’t see as much as a Breezer bottle lying around in the house!

Bigg Boss

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