5 Reasons why Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero will be a BLOCKBUSTER!!!

We are just 24 hours away from the release of Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif’s Zero. The film, which has been awaited ever since 2018 began, is a litmus test for its leading man, at least that’s what the people in the trade are saying. But die-hard fans don’t really care about his previous commercial and critical disappointments, they are just waiting for the film to open in the cinemas so they can throng into the halls.

What will be the final collections of the film cannot be predicted, but here are the 5 reasons why it will be a BLOCKBUSTER:-

1. Shah Rukh Khan

Yes, his past few choices didn’t connect with the audiences, but this time, he has created an immensely likable character in the form of Bauua Singh, and his likability doesn’t stem from his dwarfness, but his feisty and vibrant demeanor. But it must be admitted people are curious to see his portrayal of a vertically challenged man, and it should be a sight to behold, because only SRK can be equally charming and infectious even when reduced to being a dwarf.

2. Anushka Sharma

She plays a patient suffering from Cerebral Palsy, and Sharma’s an actor who seldom puts a false note. This is a love story that isn’t seen or observed in the everydayness of life. This is wish-fulfillment fantasy, and when Sharma meets SRK, who have romanced three times before, we can rely they would create magic again!

3. Katrina Kaif

She’s someone who still continues to battle criticism for her emotionless performances. And in a majority of her films, she was merely hired for pumping up the oomph factor and the style quotient. This time, she has taken a role that’s battling depression and alcoholism. It needs genuine affection and sympathy, it needs care and compassion. Kaif should hopefully nail the part! Fans, on the other hand, have already prepared to whistle on the glamorously picturized Husn Parcham!

4. Salman Khan’s cameo

SRK’s cameo in Bhai’s Tubelight couldn’t save the film from fusing at the box-office, but Salman has been lucky for King Khan. After Om Shanti Om, this is another opportunity for fans to see their favorite stars together on the big screen. For all those who aren’t SRK’s fans, they may buy a ticket just to see Bhai, but that shall benefit the film too!

5.  Aanand L. Rai

The director, who understands the charm and the enigma of the people belonging to the small-towns, and who also brings a certain amount of freshness to these small-towns, has deployed the same tropes in Zero. His protagonist is loud, unabashed, and someone who cannot be leashed. Be it flirting with a woman or arguing with his father, Singh is an explosion waiting to happen! And Rai, as far as the trailer suggests, has handled the character with precision and protection. And we also have the always reliable Zeeshan Ayub, who now knows the world of Rai inside out. This film should charm us with the filmmaker’s characters, if not entirely with the plot.

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