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5 patriotic movies to watch this Independence Day!

Independence Day


5 patriotic movies to watch this Independence Day!

As we are all set to celebrate India’s 71st Independence Day, here are the 5 patriotic films you can watch to awaken the patriot inside you:-

1. Border (1997)


We have to start the list with JP Dutta’s Border, his first war film in the trilogy that he completes with this year’s Paltan. Based on the 1971 Indo-Pak war, Dutta created an ensemble of believable and flesh-and-blood characters that made the audiences invest in their tireless and heroic battle for our country.

2. Lagaan (2001)


Why Lagaan? You may ask! A very valid point was raised by someone on social media as to why we bash or vent out our anger against Pakistan, our neighboring nation, on India’s Independence Day when its the British we gained our freedom from? Lagaan was a film that showcased the plight of a bunch of helpless and exploited villagers who get an opportunity to reclaim their lost freedom against the British Raj by playing the game of cricket. The film proved we can seize what we desire for without resorting to violence and bloodshed.

3. LOC Kargil (2003)

LOC Kargil

Although a critical and commercial failure, perhaps due to its daunting length of 4 hours and 6 minutes, LOC Kargil remains a brave attempt to portray the 1999 Kargil War which the Indian Army won. With an army of over 55 actors, arguably one of the biggest films of all time, JP Dutta’s attempt deserves both praise and applause.

4. Lakshya (2004)


What started as a comedic, coming-of-age story of a lazy, lost lad transformed into a fierce film about a daredevil soldier fighting for the Indian Army against our neighboring nation. A yet another portrayal of the 1999 Kargil War, Lakshya, although was criticized for being slightly jingoistic in tone, but it still remains a worthy, memorable and rousing war drama powered by Hrithik Roshan’s effortless portrayal of a soldier.

5. Chak De! India (2007)

Chak De! India

The film is regarded as Shah Rukh Khan’s last good outing at the movies! Playing the role of a fantastically restrained and nuanced Hockey coach, Kabir Khan, Chak De! India still remains one of the most remarkably restrained sports drama that packed a solid punch without resorting to unnecessary jingoism and melodramatic treatment.

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