2.0: 5 Reasons why this Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar starrer is an ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER!!!

The moment we all had been waiting for has FINALLY arrived- 2.0!!! After waiting for almost a year-and-a-half, Shankar brings to us his most ambitiously crafted and audaciously mounted Sci-Fi magnum opus. So does this film deliver enough bangs for your bucks?? People who are averse to the Superhero films made in the west may turn a blind eye, but they may applaud the effort and tenacity that have gone behind realizing this Indian dream.

And as far as the fans of the two stars are concerned, it’s a Paisa Vasool Entertainment. Here are the 5 reasons why 2.0 is an ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER:-

1. Rajinikanth 

The reel was paused when the leading man made his entrance on the celluloid, just so that the crowd could have its own sweet time for its catcalls and wolf-whistles. The moment was truly historic even for a Rajini film! When you have the Thalaiva up there, anything or anyone else hardly matters.

2. Akshay Kumar 

Ever thought you’ll see cellphones as the villains, the very source of human convenience and comfort? Akshay Kumar plays a crow man who despises this invention and everyone who owns it. And his performance goes beyond the heavy prosthetic makeup and gigantic VFX! He’s easily one of the film’s biggest highlights.

3. S. Shankar 

Regarded as one of the most visionary filmmakers of the country, and the most expensive one, Shankar has always pushed the bar and the envelope when it comes to style and storytelling. With 2.0, he raises his ambitions to an all time high. He’s someone who dares to dream BIG and fulfills it even BIGGER!

4. A sequel to Enthiran (Robot)

The last reel of Enthiran or Robot showed the Robot, Chitti, dismantle himself. With the sequel, he returns to battle a monster who has wrecked havoc on mankind. To see this reloaded version, or as it says, version 2.0, automatically puts the viewers in a buoyant state!!!

5. The VFX

The real star of the giant cinematic experience is the VFX team. What we saw in the promos was just the tip of the iceberg, to know what lies beneath, rush to the nearest cinema halls and experience something never-seen-before in Indian Cinema!!! And watch it in 3D, that may just triple the fun..

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