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SPOILER ALERT: We know why Kattapa killed Bahubali


SPOILER ALERT: We know why Kattapa killed Bahubali

REVEALED! The reason why Kattapa was killed is out!

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Two years ago the question ‘Kattapa ne Bahubali ko kyu mara?’ haunted all of us and the makers revealed that the second installment of the movie will answer this infamous question. The movie released in Dubai today and is yet to release in India but being the impatient Indians that we are, someone has leaked the most important plot of the film.

The following message was circulated on WhatsApp and explains how sh*t went down

‘Bhaubali scene leaked from Dubai premier. DVD screen print available. Kattapaa stabbed Bhaubali to protect him from the curse of Goddess Mahishmati to turn into a stone statue in the battlefield and he was alive. It’s a suspense.’

We can’t assure you how true this is but we’re sure this will satisfy your urge to know just why Kattapa killed Bahubali!

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