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How Shraddha Kapoor went out of her way to prep for Haseena


How Shraddha Kapoor went out of her way to prep for Haseena

Since the release of the teaserShraddha Kapoor has been showered with loads of appreciation for her latest film. Shraddha Kapoor is prepping with everything she’s got to do her first biopic based on the life of the fierce Haseena Parkar. From turning into a dark character to jumping into different ages and looks, Shraddha has been able to ace her character brilliantly. In Haseena Parkar, Shraddha will be seen playing a loving mother to four kids for the very first time.

Director Apoorva Lakhia who has seen the love the real Haseena Parkar had for her children shared some trivia about Shraddha Kapoor as a mother. Apoorva shares, “There was a scene which was extended when we saw Shraddha cradle her screen kids to stop the crying. She is really patient and mature for her age. I remember her reading pregnancy books and paying attention to details like the way expectant mothers hold their backs.”

He further added, “I ensured that they (the kids) arrived two-three hours before shooting commenced and hung out together with Shraddha and Ankur Bhatia, playing and talking to each other. We also instructed the real parents to not be around during the shoot.” A source attached to the unit also said that Shraddha’s closeness with her aunt Tejaswi Kolhapure’s daughter Vedika too made it easier for her to play a mother onscreen.

Directed by Apoorva Lakhia, Haseena Parkar stars Shraddha Kapoor, Siddhanth Kapoor, and Ankur Bhatia. Produced by Nahid Khan with Swiss Entertainment and co-produced by Sameer Antulay & Babu Tyagi the film is set to release on 18th August 2017.

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