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Saqib visits a psychologist for Dobaara


Saqib visits a psychologist for Dobaara

Saqib Saleem explores method acting for his next!

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Saqib Saleem is soon going to surprise all of us with his upcoming movie Dobaara which is an official adaptation of the American horror movie titled Oculus. Dobaara is very special to Saqib not only because he is working with his real-life sister Huma Qureshi but majorly due to the content of the movie. The genre is completely different from what we have seen him do before.

It was an absolute challenge for him to understand his character in the movie. Saqib’s character has been in the juvenile prison for 12 years and he doesn’t talk much. When he does speak, he only expresses in a few words, which is completely opposite to who Saqib is in real life.

To understand better and get into his character he consulted a real life Psychologist as they deal with cases like these. He spent about a month to understand and study one’s behaviour from an expert’s perspective.

Saqib spoke about it saying, “It was a challenging role but also a very rewarding for me as an actor. The real life sessions with the psychologist helped me translate some emotions into the reel. Every time I do a film I need to understand the psyche of the character. More importantly, I need to know where the character is coming from, I need to understand his thought process”

We love how Saqib is giving his best to dive into the core of this character.

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