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Rasika Dugal wins Best Actress Award for her short film – The School Bag

Rasika Dugal


Rasika Dugal wins Best Actress Award for her short film – The School Bag

Watch the heart touching story of a mother and son set during the Peshawar attacks

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Short films are now becoming viral hits so much so that we get to see big name Bollywood names in these films too. One such short film title The School Bag released recently and stars Rasika Dugal in one of the most powerful roles along with child actor Sartaaj Rk. The School Bag is based on a fictional take inspired by real life event of the unfortunate and ghastly terrorist attack that shook the world in 2014 when 132 innocent kids were killed in Army Public School by heartless terrorists who targeted young kids.

This short film has been nominated for various film festivals across the world and has has won 22 awards by now. Rasika Duggal who plays a mother who would do anything to bring a smile to her child’s face. She has won the Best Actress award at Haryana International Short Film Festival. Apart from this, The School Bag has also won awards for Second best film at Bengal International Short Film Festival and Best story at GIIFFA.

The School Bag directed by Dheeraj Jindal is a story of a kid’s birthday wish, his mom who can do anything for her son’s happiness and a school bag that binds it together. Here is the short film for you to watch her powerful performance.

Watch the hearttouching story right here:
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