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Mustafa Burmawalla opens up about his upcoming debut film – Machine!


Mustafa Burmawalla opens up about his upcoming debut film – Machine!

The world has been waiting for the next thriller from the house of Abbas Mustan, titled Machine. The movie is slated to release on the 17th of March. The much awaited debutant Mustafa Burmawala comes open about his first in an Exclusive interview with Bollyworm. Read on to know more.

Given that you hail from a movie background, do you feel any sort of pressure on you?

Given a filmy background, the stakes and the expectations from you are high. You have to give in twice the amount of your maximum potential.

Ever thought that you will be launched by your own father?

Not at all. Although I tried my hand with a few auditions here and there, I never approached my own father for having me casted in one of his movies. In fact, I was supposed to be an assistant director in Machine, and my brother suggested my name to papa. After a month and a half of brain storming. Papa and Uncle asked me to narrate the script for them, which was a very routine thing for me. I gave them 5 Different styles of that. They liked one. They thought that this particular style of delivery can work. Soon I was surprised when I was immediately told that I’m the lead. I was jumping with joy.

Was it difficult for you to keep up with your fitness and diet regime?

While studying in New York, I was an obese kid. For health reasons and for the fact that one of my uncles passed away due to an obesity related condition, I started losing all the weight I had put on. I was pretty much already in shape with six-pack abs when I started assisting on films. But I had no intentions to act. Losing weight is one thing. Maintaining is another. I get up at 5 am every day, then I’d start away with my gymnastics session, which lasts for about 2 hours. Followed by a 60-90 minute gym session. And then comes my dance and martial arts classes. That’s when I feel that I am good to go. Now I get up at 6 am, cook my food for the day and then carry it around.

Who are the other actors that you look up to apart from Shah Rukh Khan?

There are so many. I think all of them are good in their own way. What I like the most about Shah Rukh sir is that given any shot, be it the smallest amount of reaction that he has to give to a particular dialogue, the energy that he puts in is simply phenomenal.

Abbas-Mustan are your father and uncle at home, but who are they on the set?

They are poles apart. There’s no special treatment for family members on set. In fact I got no treatment at all. I was supposed to be up for the shot almost instantly. The comfort was in being an Assistant Director, because I got paid for doing the work. (Laughs)

How was your experience of learning the art of acting in National School of Drama?

I didn’t go there to learn. I was there to be polished. I was being trained by Mr. N.K Sharma, who’s a director out there. The manner in which he trained me over the past six months, cannot be put into words. He had a different exercise every day. You miss one day, you miss one whole lesson. I was training for about 8-9 hours every day.

How was your experience working with Kiara Advani?

Her inputs were very valuable. We had this symbiotic relationship. We fed of each other’s energy. Most of the times, we were on the same page.

Which is that one moment that you remember from your days of infancy on the set?

I vividly remember the day on which the screening of Daraar was held. I was petrified after watching Arbaaz (Khan) sir to the extent that I ran away every time I saw him on set. I couldn’t go to school for about 3 days.

What is that one thing that you’ve got to learn as an actor from Abbas-Mastan?

The real learning comes from observing them. Watching every single thing they do and every single sentence they say is what contains the treasure. However, as an actor I have learnt the art of emoting. Emoting is a universal vehicle. It just works everywhere.

How important are box office numbers to you?

I am least concerned. It’s my first. And it’s not coming back. So I might as well enjoy this moment and not let the numbers get to me. Was romancing easy? Given that the directors are your family members. I always ignored them (laughs). I always had to. In fact, if I’ve faced any kind of difficulty anywhere, it’s in ignoring the directors-cum-family members on set.

What are your further plans?

I’ve been hearing scripts. I haven’t finalized upon anything as yet.

Go watch #Machine featuring @themustafab and @kiaraaliaadvani releasing on 17th March!

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