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Kriti Sanon: Sushant and I fought all the time


Kriti Sanon: Sushant and I fought all the time

EXCLUSIVE: Team Bollyworm is conversation with Kriti Sanon

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We recently got a chance to speak with the gorgeous Kriti Sanon ahead of the release of Raabta which also stars Sushant Singh Rajput. We spoke about her experience in the industry so far, her link-up rumors with Sushant, the pressures of being a newbie and a lot more!

Here are the questions that she gracefully answered of us:

Can you shed some light on your characters?

I play two characters. The one in the present day is Saira. She is an independent person. She loves chocolates. She owns a chocolate shop. There is something abrupt and quirky about her. She is a little indecisive. There are reasons behind the way she is. She gets a lot of nightmares. That’s a big question mark about her. But she is a very endearing person. The flashback character is Saiba. She is from a time where women aren’t treated so well. But she has been brought up like a guy. She is someone who has been trained in weaponry and fighting. She is a fearless person who can do anything for her land. She’s very impulsive. She is also very much aware that she is the most beautiful lady around, so she’s almost a little arrogant about it.

What makes you take up a script?

I am someone who loves love stories in general. My specific interest lies in those kinds of love stories which have the capability to make you move. The characters should be engaging and intriguing enough for me to be able to sit throughout the film. In fact, it’s the reason why I took up this movie. After Dinesh (Vijan) read out the script to me, it stayed with me for two days. I couldn’t resist. I called him to ask him about the script. One thing led to the other and then I was auditioning for it. The two worlds in this film are beautifully connected.

Is it inspired by the Sahiba Mirza legend?

No. It is not related to the legend.

You were accused of playing safe early in your career. What do you think about that?

Considering I was only 2 films old, wasn’t it too early to say that? I liked the movies I picked up, especially Dilwale since I was getting to work with such great actors too soon in my career. I didn’t think about whether I was playing safe or not. I got to play two completely opposite characters in this film. It really pushed me as an actor. I don’t think anyone can call me playing safe now (laughs)

Do you believe in re-incarnation?

I would love to believe. But there is no proof.

You come from a family of Doctors, Lawyers, and CAs, how did your parents react when you decided to act?

It was a gradual process for me, and thankfully it was also gradual for my parents. My parents got enough time to let this idea grow on them. I had started modeling during college, and as fathers are, he was a little skeptical. But then again, as fathers are, he was the one who was the most excited whenever he saw me on TV or in a newspaper print ad. As I started dreaming about acting, they knew about it and were quite supportive when I came out with it.

Did Dilwale help you get better work in the industry?

I don’t know if it was linked. Dilwale hadn’t released when I signed up Raabta. In fact, Dino (Vijan) hadn’t even seen Heropanti. I think it’s all about seeing something of the character in you. If there is anything Dilwale has done is that it has increased my audience reach. Given the kind of project it was, a lot of people saw the film.

Did you feel any kind of pressure during Dilwale?

In a relative sense, I did not feel as much pressure as the lead, but I had the pressure of this newbie who had to make his presence felt.  I also felt the pressure of not being the weak link in Dilwale. You don’t want the movie to do badly because of you.

How was it like, working with Sushant?

When we had begun shooting abroad, we used to meet up with Dinesh to discuss the scenes. I would see the kind of preparation he does with all the kind of detail he goes into with every character. I think he is like a chameleon. I have seen him play two diametrically opposite characters. I can say that he is a very methodical person. Even though he has done his homework, he doesn’t lose out his spontaneity, which is very important. He works for the betterment of the scene. It was a lot of fun having him as a co-star.

What kind of training did you go through for your character of a warrior princess?

I had to learn horse riding. Let me tell you, it’s not at all an easy job. It takes years to master it. I could reach up to a certain level and luckily the scenes I had to learn it for went on smoothly. I also learned a little bit of martial arts. I also had to learn a bit of hand-to-hand combat for a couple of scenes. I also learned a little bit of sword fighting but it never really got used eventually.

What kind of man do you like?

I think personality is very important. Good sense of humor is a must. What’s more important is that the person should be genuine.

How is your equation with Sushant?

We are always on a lookout for each other. Everybody knows I’m a very clumsy person, so Sushant is always watchful about what is happening around me. We are also very opinionated people. Sushant and I fought all the time on any given topic and none of us will admit being wrong.

How did you go about handling all the link up rumors?

Initially, it came as a bit of a surprise. One of the articles spoke about a concert that we attended which none of us actually went for. It became a little bit annoying when things are being written about your family. Beyond that, we began treating it like a daily soap. We would keep telling each other about all the new things that are happening between us every day (Laughs).


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