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Will Deadpool 3 have music by Kanye West?



Will Deadpool 3 have music by Kanye West?

The Ryan Reynolds-starrer Deadpool film franchise has been hailed for its unique ability to break the fourth wall, the amount of filth that its central protagonist, who is termed the “Merc with a mouth” has in him, and, goes without saying, its musical score.

And, it seems like a certain Kanye West might be showing a bit of an interest in contributing to the musical aspect of the next Deadpool film, if one of his most recent tweets are to go by!

While talking about Deadpool, Kanye quite recently tweeted:

To which, Ryan Reynolds, staying true to his image of being one of the wittiest stars around, tweeted the following:

Now, we could be making it all up in our heads, but we do indeed see a possibility of Kanye providing his music to the next film of the Deadpool franchise. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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