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Death Of Hunter Killer Actor Michael Nyqvist Left Gerard Butler Shattered!

Gerard Butler


Death Of Hunter Killer Actor Michael Nyqvist Left Gerard Butler Shattered!

Gerard Butler will be seen in the upcoming submarine thriller, Hunter Killer. The actor went through intense training for his role in the movie.

He was left shattered after he had learned that his co-star from the movie Michael Nyqvist lost his battle with lung cancer and had died at the age of 56.

Michael Nyqvist played the role of Captain Sergi Andropov in the movie.

In an interview to a leading daily, Gerard Butler said this about the late actor  “Of all the movies I’ve made he’s right up there as one of my favourites, if not my favourite, in terms of somebody who just had such incredible talent, childlike qualities and playfulness. “But more than anything had such an incredible humility, and warmth, and this cheeky kind of glint in his eyes. “It breaks my heart. And it breaks my heart that we’ll never get to sit together to watch this movie.”

He further added “I see this movie in some ways as a love story of friendship and respect between these two captains from opposite sides of the world and opposite cultures.

“They’re enemies. But as individuals, they each have the ability to do things differently than anybody else would — they both can see above and beyond the normal rules of conflict and engagement.

“Andropov is an old salty dog of a warrior while Glass is a hard-nosed, blue-collar Navy man.

“Yet they both have respect for the other and their almost silent relationship drives the outcome of the story. It’s a very powerful experience.

“We wanted to capture that and when we’d finish those scenes, everybody would have goose bumps.”

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