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A Quiet Place trailer: Here comes an unusual new killer!

A Quiet Place


A Quiet Place trailer: Here comes an unusual new killer!

There’s a new killer in town. Running, hiding and stalking you. Noting down every move and calculating the right time to strike. Beware, you may not be able to see him but, he is getting ready to attack you right now as you read this line. There is a killer on the loose – NOISE!

And that interesting concept seems to be the whole premise of A Quiet Place, the exciting trailer of which you can find right here:

But, what is noise anyway and why is it a killer? Primarily defined as, a sound, especially one that is loud or unpleasant or that causes a disturbance. (Much like that friend who never shuts up, only this one could kill you). Noise can kill and I’m going to tell you 5 ‘silent’ ways in which it could strike.

1.The Start of The End: The start always plays an important role in telling us more about a crime or a familiar story. Noise – as we know it today –  came into existence when James Watt invented the steam engine in the 1800’s. Each piston that hit inside the engine gave noise the upper hand and it’s only been getting louder and stronger, waiting to strike!

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         2.The Silent Kill: As ironic as it may sound, Noise is, in fact, silent when it takes its first few shots at you. You wouldn’t know when or where he strikes.Health experts studied 1 million people in the vicinity of Germany’s Cologne Bonn Airport. They found that people subjected to a noise of greater than 40 decibels were at an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, and dementia.

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        3.The Shock: If a sudden trauma because of noise is lurking around the corner, what could you do about it?  Aditya, a 29-year-old marketing writer in Mumbai, recently encountered noise related distress at a signal in Mumbai. Trembling after the horrifying encounter here’s what he had to say, “It’s like my nerves are permanently doused in diesel, and any loud noise is like throwing a match.”  But it turns out Aditya’s not overly sensitive or strangely wired – he just might notice the consequences of noise more readily than you and me.

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      4. Our City, Our ‘Noise’: Cities are always bustling for progress. From the traffic to the constructions and the heavy machinery being operated at every nook and corner. Noise is omnipresent. The noise we hear is the sound of progress at the cost of our lives. The noise we’ve created is coming back for us!

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      5.‘Noise’ Never Sleeps: Unlike that pretentious friend who stays up through the night and claims to have insomnia, noise never sleeps. A study of 4,861 adults in Europe revealed that a 10-decibel increase in nighttime noise was linked to a 14 percent rise in a person’s likelihood of being diagnosed with hypertension.

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