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6 real-life monstrous situations which prove that #SilenceIsSurvival


6 real-life monstrous situations which prove that #SilenceIsSurvival

We have heard the old adage time and again that “Silence Is Golden” Sure, there could be many reasons as to why it will pay off to rather stay quiet, but in the following examples that you’re going to read after this paragraph, silence could also mean survival.

Check them out right here:

  1. Sneaking in after a long night: Walking in at the early hours after a late night party? Sshh! Tiptoe your way, avoid all things that can possibly fall over, and slowly slide into your bed. Lo and behold! Here’s your quick guide to survival from the walk of shame.


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  1. Avoiding the teacher’s hunt for volunteers: Don’t you just fear the question ‘Who wants to volunteer for this presentation?’ The next few moments of silence can prove to be golden here. You can save yourself from the possibility of stress, which would come haunting the moment you are on the stage if you do get picked!

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  1. Being silent in a fit of angst: In times when you are fighting the urge to rip the head off that pesky client or an irritating friend, be silent. Reply with an ‘I stabbed you thrice’ smile and survive that meet successfully.

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  1. Before your early morning coffee: Don’t snap. Don’t blurt out. Keep calm. Stay silent. The coffee is on its way.

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  1. During a baby’s nap time: One wrong move on this one and your little monster will rise from their peaceful nap to bring the whole house down. Use the key of silence to keep the doors of loud cries locked.

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  1. Silently moving around ‘A Quiet Place’: Things here can escalate quickly and take a wrong turn. One wrong step can cost you your life in this one. So, walk silently with care and survive the thing that’s on the hunt for the people at what’s it called ‘A Quiet Place’.

Play the game and see how long can you watch your moves and survive –

Now that you’ve taken the test, drop by at your nearest cinemas to survive the reality of ‘A Quiet Place’ in Cinemas on 6th April.

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