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5 Jamie Dornan Movies We Bet You Didn’t Know About

Jamie Dorman


5 Jamie Dornan Movies We Bet You Didn’t Know About

It was not until Fifty Shades of Grey that Jamie Dorman became popular in the eyes of cinema viewers. Though a late bloomer in the Hollywood industry, the actor had received commendable appraise for his erogenous role in the Fifty Shades series. Sure, his eroticism must’ve gained him a lot of fan following, but there’s more to the guy than his billionaire smile. Well, apart from the fact that his face does most of the talking, he has showcased his acting abilities in 17 films. Yeah!

Here are Jamie Dornan’s 5 movies that you wouldn’t know of

1. Beyond The Rave (2008)

Ed, a local soldier, has only one day left in the UK before he is shipped to Iraq for his service. With the help of his best friend, he plans to find his missing girlfriend before he heads out of the country. When he does find her, the secrets of the legendary cult who had kidnapped her are revealed and the truth is farfetched. Very surreal, indeed.

2.Shadows In The Sun (2009)

Hannah is in love, but with a younger man. Her son is uncomfortable with their relationship. What happens next might just give you the shock of your life.


3.The 9th Life of Louis Drax (2016)

Jamie Dornan is a neurologist who tries to crack open the mind of a 9-year-old boy who has survived 9 near-death accidents. This seems to be particularly thrilling considering that it involves uncovering the unknown. Much unlike his movies, it not for the faint of heart.


4.Flying Home (2014)

The whole movie revolves around an extraordinary pigeon. Yeah, a pigeon. In an attempt to get hold of this particular pigeon, Colin tries to entice the owner of the pigeon into a deal but he is reluctant to sell the bird. While this happening, the owner is at the same time blind to his granddaughter’s love for Colin. Given that the storyline is interesting, watching this movie seems necessary.


5.A Private War (2018)

The film sheds light into the life of the well-known war journalist, Marie Colvin, who was killed during her time in the city of Homs. Her photographer, Paul Conroy, is played by Jamie Dornan. The story itself is pretty damn good and absolutely Oscar-worthy. And even if none of that manages to sell you, there’s still Jamie Dornan’s acting to look forward to.

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