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3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Miss Out On A Private War!

A Private War


3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Miss Out On A Private War!

We hardly realize how war affects the lives of thousands of people, even the ones who don’t participate in it. A Private War is one such film that makes you realize that thing through the eyes of Marie Colvin, a war journalist, who sacrificed her life to showcase the gruesome realities of war.

We give you 3 reasons why you must watch this unique biopic on the most celebrated war journalist, Marie Colvin-

1. Story

A Private war is a biographical account of the life of Marie Colvin and how she pushed herself beyond her line of duty to report hard-hitting stories of people from war-torn regions. It starts with Marie visiting Sri Lanka and meeting people who are plagued with illness due to the ongoing civil unrest. She loses her eye in a combat between the military and the rebels and yet is determined to go on the field as she wants the world to know how people suffer during a war. She goes against her colleagues and well-wishers to report the civil war in Syria but it comes at a massive personal cost.

2. Performances

Rosamund Pike portrays the role of Marie Colvin with utmost honesty. She doesn’t seem to go overboard with emotions and embraces Marie’s character with passion. The film also has a strong supporting cast like Jamie Dornan, Stanley Tucci and Tom Hollander, who help in bringing Pike’s character to life. Dornan adds more layers to his graph of acting with the portrayal of Marie’s photographer Paul Conroy. Full marks to the director for controlling the actors and keeping them in character throughout.

3. Direction & Editing

The director Matthew Heineman puts his experience of documentary filmmaking into use and gives a distinct approach to the narrative. The writing is solid, although there some scenes which make the narrative slow, the powerful acting makes up for it. The editing is flawless and it doesn’t take the focus away from the main story even though the film goes back and forth in time. Overall, the director has done a brilliant job in getting the riveting story of Marie Colvin on the big screen.

A Private War is a powerful and thought-provoking drama that pays homage not only to Marie Colvin but also to other reporters who risk their lives in order to tell stories.

We give this film 4 stars out of 5

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