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Begum Jaan’s stylist Rick Roy in an exclusive interview with Bollyworm!


Begum Jaan’s stylist Rick Roy in an exclusive interview with Bollyworm!

Rarely do you encounter personalities whose passion so easily translates into their work. One of these personalities whom we recently spoke with is Rick Roy – stylist of Begum Jaan aka Vidya Balan. An ace name in the Bollywood style industry and a worker dedicated to making stars look their best in any film he does, Rick Roy exclusively spoke to Bollyworm about working on this historic Vidya Balan starrer, Begum Jaan.

Brought on board exactly three weeks before the film went on floors, Rick Roy and his team’s tireless effort have managed to make Begum Jaan look like a winner even before it hits the silver screen.

“As hard as it was, I would go through the madness for Begum Jaan all over again!” says Rick.


How did you go about researching for a film like set in 1947?

Being a historic film, it’s not like we could pick up anything from anywhere. We got a lot of stuff from the internet, yes, but we also went to libraries and did a good amount of exploration there.  What gave me great perspective was when I actually went and met a friend’s grandparents who moved to India during the partition. I showed them a few references and took advice on some stuff that they did back then to get a larger picture of how the style should be.


How difficult was it to style a historic film?

It was crazy research because we were brought on board only three weeks before the film could go on floors. My entire team, from my tailors to my embroiders and my assistants we went completely crazy doing this. One team wasn’t enough to tackle a project this big – one was doing research while the others were figuring out fabric and other elements. It was crazy work, so much so that my team would work night after night.  It was great fun, but really, really hectic at the same time.


Does Begum Jaan’s style change as the film progresses?

This isn’t one of those films that progresses, as such. The film captures events that happen over a matter of a month or so and the characters are the same. You can see a transformation in Vidya Balan only in one scene where she is super-duper glamorous, dressed as the real Begum Jaan. But I can guarantee that the look of the film will be really interesting for everyone to see.

How difficult was it to style Vidya Balan?

Vidya is one of the easiest people I have worked with in my life. I’ve shared very interesting relationships with all my actors, never really had much of an issue even with the so-called ‘infamous’ stars of the industry. Vidya is one of the nicest actors I’ve ever worked with, I didn’t even have to make an effort to create a rapport with her. She is as thorough and professional as professional can be. During the making of the film, I was really stressed out, she would always message once in a while asking – Are you okay? Is everything okay? Forget about being an actor. strip away the titles, Vidya Balan is a very rare human being.


Out of all the movies you’ve done, which ones are your favorite? 

Joker, definitely is one of my most favourite films, because I kick-started my career in Bollywood with that. I am who I am because Shirish Kundar made that call and gave me the film. Jannat 2 is also a film I love dearly. Kunal Deshmukh is my ultimate favourite person – whatever film he does I adore because it’s just so much fun working with him. And my other favourite has to be Begum Jaan, not because it’s my latest film but because it’s been extremely challenging and difficult at the same time it’s been absolutely amazing.


Modern Day Glitz or Artistic Styling – What’s your pick?

If it’s a big Bollywood song and dance film, honestly, I can do it with my eyes closed. It’s my 15th film, I can safely say I’ve become a pro at doing songs and dances, styling the glamorous and sexy. But a film like Begum Jaan that needed so much research, I found it extremely challenging. I would love to do more of these as it makes you work harder in order to grow your craft. I have always been associated with big glitzy films, but I don’t want to be known for just that. But with Begum Jaan I got a chance to showcase my talent which just isn’t limited to song and dance.

Begum Jaan is set to release on 14th April, 2017.

Watch this space for more updates on the film!

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