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Sushant Singh Rajput gets pushed by Dhoni’s guards!


Sushant Singh Rajput gets pushed by Dhoni’s guards!

The movie M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story is a huge success and every blue-blooded Indian is enjoying every minute of the movie. There is some insider gossip our keedas have told us about. Sushant Singh Rajput and M.S. Dhoni were going to promote the movie across five cinema halls in Mumbai. Basically, the idea was to get the fans excited to see the cricketer along with the star who plays him in the movie, together. MSD has special Z+ security and Sushant who is also a star has normal security. The first visit went fine and everyone enjoyed and were rather surprised to see the stars together. During the second visit to PVR cinemas Goregaon, all did not go as planned for Sushant Singh. MSD who is quick on his feet decided to move a little faster and reached the location a couple of minutes earlier than Sushant. Sushant on reaching the cinema asked his guards to follow him as he wanted to catch up with the cricketer. Dhoni’s guards did not realise that the man approaching from behind is Sushant and thought it was an excited fan trying to jump MSD. The Z+ security unknowingly pushed Sushant who almost fell to the floor. The whole episode was rather embarrassing for Sushant and we hear he left the venue immediately. Our sources tell us that Sushant did not finish the promotions and just decided to call it a day. The star went home feeling rather embarrassed and left MSD to finish the promotions all by himself.

Looks like Sushant couldn’t handle the insult, eh?

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