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Salman saves Farhan and Ritesh from a financial meltdown!


Salman saves Farhan and Ritesh from a financial meltdown!

Salman Khan is one superstar who knows how to role in style. He shows up for events with his entire family and a bevy of beauties always accompanies him everywhere. We always wondered how uncomfortable it must be for the mega-star to have so many people with him all the time and fixing up cinema halls for shows must be really expensive. I mean, he is one of the richest superstars in the country but these activities cost a bomb!

Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani had opened a private cinema screen named Light Box which they were going to lease out to superstars for private screenings and the little hall was gorgeous, comfortable and very private. Lightbox Preview Theatre is in Santacruz west in Mumbai and for stars like Salman and SRK who live in Bandra, it’s really comfortable. Farhan and Ritesh were having a rough time maintaining the cinema hall and the place was running into losses. KK dropped in a little message this morning which we thought was pretty cool. KK says, “Salman Khan has now bought Lightbox Preview theatre from Farhan and Ritesh and is making it a private screen/cinema/family hangout joint.” OMG!

So basically Salman wasn’t too happy with dragging his family across Mumbai every time there was a movie to watch so he just bought a mini cinema hall! Talk about being too cool!

Bhai loves to role in style and this has just made him top the chart of the coolest things done by superstars in B-town!

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