OMG – Is Befikre inspired by this French Movie?!

All of social media is abuzz with the release of Befikre’s trailer today and in all honesty, so are we! The sheer craziness of it all has us geared up like never before. The contemporary nature of the video, the wild dares, the costumes, the location, the simplicity of the French environment – each element lends an air of pure bliss!

While being taken up by Vaani Kapoor’s hotness and Ranveer’s undying charm in a continuous loop, a little keeda slipped in a link to our inboxes. A link to a 2003 French-Belgian film named ‘Love Me If You Dare’. Both the trailers had an uncanny similarity – from locations to similar plot lines and characters too. Befikre has sought inspiration from this beautiful film, shot in beautiful French spaces. The one stark difference we spotted Befikre sees both the male and female lead meeting as adults whereas ‘Love Me If You Dare’ show the protagonists as childhood friends.

Check out both the movie trailers and tell us if you can sense the similarity too!


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