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Jagga Jasoos is doomed – Here’s why!


Jagga Jasoos is doomed – Here’s why!

BREAKING: Here’s the untold truth behind the delay of Jagga Jasoos

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It feels like the shoot of the upcoming Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif starrer Jagga Jasoos has been going on since the stone age. A lot of news and theories have cropped up online speculating and theorizing as to WHY this particular film is taking so long.

Our Khabri Keeda, who is more curious than us all combined, really went digging deep into the matter. And here’s what he found out:

Turns out, Jagga Jasoos has a LOT of kids as supporting cast (Not a surprise. It’s a Disney movie). And from what we know, the last time these kids shot for the film was more than 2 years ago.

Fast forward to today. Apart from a ton of unfinished VFX business that is still to be done for the film, certain portions of it require the SAME kids. Now, what happens to a kid in a span of 2 years? They grow old, right? The same kids now look completely different, putting the makers of Jagga Jasoos in a major fix.

This is exactly what is giving the makers goosebumps and it looks like they are almost paralyzed with this situation.

God save Jagga Jasoos!

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