Here is the insider scoop behind the Salman-Kabir fight!

Our Keedas have given us the insider scoop about the big Salman-Kabir fight and you will not believe what went down between the two.

While reports of their tiff on the sets of their upcoming film ‘Tubelight’ have been doing the rounds since the past couple of days, we hear that it did not just happen suddenly but was ‘purposely preconceived’! Yes, you read that right!

Our Khabri keeda tells us that the actor-filmmaker duo consider a fight on the sets of a film as a good omen! And not just this, they also believe that whenever they fight while shooting for a film, it is bound to rake in the moolah at the Box Office! We all know that their last two movies, ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ were not just blockbusters but also grossed huge amounts at the Box Office! While ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ earned over Rs 600 crores worldwide and is considered as the all-time second highest grosser in India, ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ made a business of a whopping Rs 300 crores! So, now we know the real reason behind all the hullabaloo about their alleged ‘creative differences’ on the sets of ‘Tubelight’.

For all those who are wondering ‘Ohhh! My God! Seriously?’ please keep your emotions under control before you read the next part of the story! The allegedly ‘preconceived’ fight on the sets of ‘Tubelight’ has a serious reason behind it as well. Salman loves to party and he cannot let a day go by without doing so. However, he does not like to have fun alone and reportedly arranges for a party every night for the film’s cast and crew! (That’s so generous of him!) A filmy keeda from the sets secretly informed us that apparently some of the film’s crew failed to turn up on the sets on time due to the late night parties. Kabir Khan is known to be a man of discipline and hence it did not go down too well with him. And, we all know what happened after that!

Yesterday, we reported that Salman has cut short ‘Tubelight’s shoot and is returning to Mumbai a week prior to the scheduled date. However, we have also heard that the actor has reportedly finished his schedule of the shoot and hence came back! While the series of events have surely left us surprised, we wonder what more will transpire from the movie!


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