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Ekta Kapoor is ignoring Arjun Kapoor!


Ekta Kapoor is ignoring Arjun Kapoor!

BREAKING: All’s not well between Arjun Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor.

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The world finally got to see the much-awaited trailer of Half Girlfriend, which stars Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor in titular roles. And, judging from the brutal response that the trailer received on Twitter, Arjun Kapoor must have recollected a line from his film 2 States “mai aatmahatya karna chahta hoon”

 Turns out, as per our Khabri Keeda, he is almost having the same feeling whenever he sees the second half of his upcoming film. As per KK, Arjun Kapoor had suggested a few edits to Half Girlfriend’s final cut to the director Mohit Suri so that the movie stands a better chance at the box office. Suri had in turn raised hands to (conveniently) dodge any kind of trouble and asked him to get in touch with the producer, Ekta Kapoor herself.

Arjun took the suggestion and rang up Ekta Kapoor and they exchanged a few words. Arjun Kapoor was under the impression that all is going well. Little did he know that Ekta Kapoor has a policy of not letting any actor interfere in the matters of film production. Sticking to this policy, Ekta Kapoor has been seemingly giving Arjun Kapoor the cold shoulder by NOT returning any calls of her current lead star.

Seems like Ekta Kapoor is forgetting that Arjun Kapoor is himself the son of a known film producer, and also the old words of wisdom that opinions of actors do matter in the success of a film.

Only time will decide the fate of Half Girlfriend!

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