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Is there a cold war going on between Salman and Sanjay?


Is there a cold war going on between Salman and Sanjay?

Bollywood’s most adored buddies Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt have tonnes of similarities, including their trip to jail. But their recent rumoured differences is what is bothering us.

Our Khabri Keeda narrated the entire story that led to the fallout between Bhai and Baba. K.K informed us that when Sanjay was out on parole in December 2014, Salman advised Sanjay to hire Reshma Shetty as his manager for image-building purposes and to get him films.

Sanjay immediately agreed with Salman and hired Reshma Shetty. Reshma then roped in some offers for Sanjay, but the actor wasn’t pleased and demanded more money and rejected every offer brought by Reshma. Overall, it looked as if Sanjay was trying to compete with Salman and come up to his level.

While everyone believed that things are completely fine between Salman and Sanjay as Sanjay denied rumours about the tiff, our Khabri Keeda informed us about this recent incident which confirms every back-fence-talk to be true.

K.K informed us that while Sanju Baba was shooting at Filmcity, Bhai was around and thought of catching up with his old bud. So he called Sanjay and asked him where he was? And Sanjay blatantly lied to Salman saying he was at Andheri. This infuriated Salman and he drove off in annoyance.

Looks like Bollywood has got a new set of frenemies!

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